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Tel: +65-8368.7177

1) How do I place an order?

Ans: Call or sms Jen at +65-8368.7177, email

2) When do I need to make the order booking?
Ans: We advise clients to place their order at least 1-2 weeks before the expected date of delivery.

For Confinement Food Packages 1, 2 & 3, we offer Early Bird Discount for orders placed at least 4 weeks before the expected date of delivery. Therefore, clients are encouraged to make full use of the discount by placing their orders early.

3) What if I need to start the order urgently? 
Ans: We are normally able to cater orders placed within 24 hour's notice. Please call us to check if your urgent order can be fulfilled.

Note: 48 hour's notice is required for trial meal prders.

4) How much payment is required for order confirmation? 
Ans: We require an initial deposit of 20% for order confirmation. 

5) When do I make full payment?
Ans: 20% deposit is required upon order confirmation. 80% balance payment is
payable on the 1st day of meal delivery.

6) What payment modes are accepted?
Ans: Payment can be done via cash or cheque.     

7) What if I do not consume certain items in your menu?
Ans: Typically, requests to exclude 1 item or 2 items (eg. no pig's organs, no alcohol) can be easily acceded to. 

Additional special requests for item changes are individually reviewed on a
case-by-case basis. Contingency charges may apply for multiple special requests.

Kindly contact us to make the necessary arrangements. 
8) When do I make arrangements for the commencement of delivery?
Ans: We advise clients to inform us (call, email or sms) as soon as they have confirmation of theirhospital discharge date and time. We can then proceed to inform our central
kitchen to arrange for the commencement of the delivery.

9) What are the delivery timings?
Ans: The delivery timings are scheduled as follows: 
  Lunch: 11am - 1.30pm 
  Dinner: 5pm - 7.30pm 

Actual delivery time will be dependant on the venue, traffic conditions and
pre-planned delivery routes.

10) Do you delivery on Public Holidays?
Ans:  No, our kitchen will be closed during public holidays.

11) Do you have single meal packages?
Ans: We offer 14 or 28 days single meal ( either lunch or dinner) packages:

14-Days @ $418 (Package 4)

28-Days @ $836 (Package 5)

12) Will the catered confinement food affect my baby if I am breastfeeding? 
Ans: We typically advise clients who have concerns about the wine and ginger
contents in the meals to breastfeed their baby just before consuming the meals
and to ensure ample time has passed before feeding their baby again.

Alternatively, clients may consider expressing their breast milk before consuming
the meals to facilitate feeding their baby in between their own meal times.

13) Will the food be hot when I receive it?
Ans: Yes, the food should still be hot when it reaches you. We take great care to ensure the speedy delivery of the meals once they leave our central kitchen.

We also have m ultipile logistics teams in charge of deliveries to various locations islandwide in order to ensure on-time deliveries.

The use of thermal bags to store the food also help to make sure that the meals are kept hot until it reaches your doorstep.

14) What sort of containers do you use for storing the food?
Ans: We store the food in high quality, microwaveable Tupperware containers which can be safely and conveniently heated up in the microwave before consumption.

15) What if I choose to cancel my booking?   
Ans:  Once the meal delivery commences, a 20% penalty fee will apply for any cancellation. 

16) What additional things do I need to take note of?
Ans: ERP charges will be charged accordingly, as and when they apply.

17) I live in the CBD area. Can I still order a pacakge?
Unfortunately, we do not deliver to locations in the CBD area.

Additional Points To Note:

  • Extra portion of rice can be catered at $0.50/portion.
  • Minimum 24 hour’s notice is required for any change in delivery venue.
  • Minimum 24 hour’s notice is required for meal postponement request. 
  • Special requests pertaining to the orders once delivery commences will be
    subjected to applicable contingency charges at $5 per request.


You may also place your order online: Order Form    Testimonials 

"I ordered the food for my sister's post (general) surgery and must say I'm very happy
with the prompt service. My sister loved the food as did my family members who tested the taste. Keep up the good work,!"

Evannia Lee, Woodlands Ave 6

"The food was tasty - my kids loved it too. Although they stole bites from me, I still had enough to eat as the portion was pretty substantial."

Lydia Yeo, Anchorvale Link

"The food quality was much better than I expected. I especially love the double-boiled soups. The dishes were well presented in very convenient packaging. Thank you for the good service too!"

Lisa Chong, Pine Close

"This service is really convenient. I did not engage a confinement nanny as I have a maid at home. It saves my maid the trouble of learning to cook proper confinement food. I was very satisfied with the food quality. The fish was fresh and very appetizing."

Mrs Liu, Woodlands Crescent

"Their service is excellent - from the staff taking my order to the person who sent my food. I am fully convinced that the food made a big difference to my confinement period as I could really feel my body tingling with warmth! I also felt stronger and not as tired compared to when I had my first baby."

Cynthia Kwok, Tampines Ave 9


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You may also place your order online: Order Form