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Dear New Mothers,

Our specialized team at sincerely congratulates you on the impending arrival of your new bundle of joy!

 Are you clueless and perplexed about the benefits of confinement food other than knowing it is an extremely vital and necessary part of post-natal care to guarantee
your smooth recovery from childbirth?

 Do you lack external help to assist with the preparation of nutritious confinement
meals suited for your consumption during your confinement period?

 Does the hassle of researching confinement food recipes, marketing, preparing ingredients and doing the actual cooking during your confinement period overwhelm
and exhaust you instantly even though you are months away from delivery?

If you can relate to any of the questions above, then rest assured you are in good
hands here.

At, we recognize that apart from acquiring ample rest, an appropriate diet is of utmost importance in ensuring new mothers like you recuperate properly from the exertions of childbirth. caters quality confinement food specially tailored for consumption during your confinement period so that your health and strength are optimally replenished to ensure you are well and ready to fulfil your exciting challenges as a
new mother.

Being the pioneer in the confinement industry, we have more than 10 years experience in the confinement food catering business in Singapore.

Our menus feature dishes from traditional confinement food recipes as well as
individually well-researched recipes by our dedicated team.

These healthy and delectable meals are skillfully cooked by our experienced in-house
chefs using minimal salt and oil. To retain the pure essence of these delicately prepared dishes, we utilize only fresh ingredients in our cooking. To further ensure the nutritious values of these confinement meals, no MSG is used in the food preparation.

Our quality confinement meals will richly enhance your post-natal health and strength,
as well as boost your body condition to meet lactation demands for breast-feeding.

Bestow the gift of glowing health to yourself and your newborn with our wholesome confinement food delivered right to your doorstep. Both you and your baby’s well-being depend on it!

 Enjoy 1 trial meal at a special price of  $15 (50% off regular price of $35 - for a limited time only) !!!   
** Special - Priced Trial Meal for One -Time Use Per Pax Only.

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when you place your order early!

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Warmest Regards,

Your Affable Team at in Singapore.


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